Tesla delivers nine Cybertrucks to Fremont, but why?

Credit: The Kilowatts | X

Over the last few days several cargo trucks have been spotted carrying newly built Cybertrucks across the US, some of which appeared to be destined for crash testing. While we don’t know the destination for all of those Cybertrucks, we now know some of them were heading west to California.

On Thursday three cargo carriers arrived at Tesla’s Fremont factory, with each hauler carrying three Cybertrucks, for a total of nine of the electric pickup trucks, the arrival of which was captured bynone other than The Kilowatts, and shared on X.

As we have previously reported, Tesla developed the Cybertruck pilot production line at Fremont. However with all production now shifting to Giga Texas, which as of late appears to be pumping out several Cybertrucks on a daily basis, the big question is why have these Cybertrucks been sent back to Fremont?

One possible explanation is that these are for crash testing, but that seems unlikely considering other Cybertrucks spotted in Arkansas were marked as being ready for crash testing.

Another possible explanation is that these could be for production validation. Since early July Tesla has moved employees that were previously working on the Model Y production line over to the Cybertruck lines for testing and calibration. According to reports that process was set to take place for most of the month of July. Given that these Cybertrucks were likely built at Giga Texas within the last week, it makes sense that these units could be among the first that rolled off the production line after being brought into series production status.

If that’s the case then the question becomes why send nine Cybertrucks for production validation? Some are speculating these could be the first customer units, but it seems more likely that Tesla will hold the Cybertruck delivery event at Giga Texas, where the Cybertrucks are built, and not at Fremont.

Why do you think these Cybertrucks are at Fremont? Let us know in the comments below.

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