Faraday Future sends ‘production-intent’ FF 91 Futurist to China for testing and validation

Faraday Future confirmed that the company had shipped one of its production-intent FF 91 Futurist models to China. While in China, the model will undergo market testing and validation. This will include charging, infrastructure compatibility, and software and hardware testing.

The vehicle has arrived in Shanghai and will be tested over the coming weeks.

Faraday plans to sell the FF 91 Futurist in both the US and Chinese markets when it does come into production.

Global CEO Chen Xuefeng had this to say about the arrival of the production-intent vehicle:

I’m excited to see the realization of our U.S-China dual-home market strategy take shape as we ship one of our latest vehicles to China for testing purposes. Stay tuned as we prepare the Ultimate Intelligent TechLuxury FF 91 Futurist for the two largest global EV markets.

Faraday created a video to mark the occasion, and you can check it out below.

After a very bleak outlook last year that the company will even last into 2023, the FF 91 will go into production in late March after the company secured additional funding, with deliveries set to start in April. However, we are all holding out breath on whether Faraday Future can meet these deadlines.

Faraday Future secures funding to begin FF91 production next month

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