Netflix password sharing policy does not apply to Tesla vehicles

Netflix announced a new policy last week intended to crack down on password sharing. The new policy requires a device to connect to the Wi-Fi network from the designated home location at least once every 31 days, or that device will be locked out from the account.

The way the policy is worded made it seem like Tesla owners would have to sit in their car and connect to their home Wi-Fi at least once per month in order to continue accessing the streaming service from inside their vehicle. This would be an inconvenience for most owners, but also impossible for many others who park too far away from their router, like those in apartment buildings.

After we published our story on this new policy on Saturday a Netflix spokesperson reached out to Drive Tesla to clarify its impact on owners, and the good news is it doesn’t apply to Tesla vehicles.

While the exact details were not shared with us it was confirmed that Tesla owners will not be required to log in at their home location once per month, and that we can continue to use the streaming service from where ever our cars are located without the fear of being locked out. There is also no need to purchase an additional member for your account, something which costs $7.99 per month and which Netflix online support agents have been advising Tesla owners to do so they don’t get locked out.

This is definitely good news for Tesla owners in Canada, but it might not be enough to keep many of them as subscribers. Since the new policy was announced last week thousands of customers have been cancelling their Netflix subscriptions, many of them taking to social media to share screenshots of their membership cancellation email.

Have you cancelled your Netflix subscription? Now that you know it doesn’t affect Netflix in your Tesla, will you keep your subscription or re-subscribe? Let us know in the comments below.

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