European Tesla Powerwall deployment crosses 1 GWh

Tesla has taken to X (formerly known as Twitter) to celebrate a Powerwall milestone. The company reports it has deployed over 1 GWh of the energy storage devices in Europe.
According to Tesla, the deployment is enough to keep about 41,000 European homes in power for 12 hours or half a day.

Homeowners install Tesla’s Powerwalls to store energy from solar panels, which Tesla also sells, or excess energy from the grid. The stored energy can be used to power the household or charge EVs when the sun goes down or during emergencies like grid failures.

Powerwall users can also send some power back to the grid for a fee using platforms such as Tesla’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP), a form of distributed battery system. This energy can help the grid cope with peak demand, especially during hot summer months.

Tesla has initiated VPPs in CaliforniaTexas, and Puerto Rico, with Powerwall owners able to monitor their energy transactions through the Tesla app. Other countries, such as Australia and Japan, have also hosted VPPs.

Tesla announced Powerwall 3 in September. The upgraded power device has the same 13.5 KWh capacity as the Powerwall 2 but now has 11.5 kW of continuous backup power, up from 7 kW.

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