Tesla launches large-scale virtual power plant in Puerto Rico

Tesla has launched a large-scale virtual power plant (VPP) in Puerto RicoPowerwall users in the American territory can now enroll their home battery storage devices in the Battery Emergency Demand Response Program.

According to Tesla, the Puerto Rico VPP could become the largest with 74,000 participants, compared to California where a VPPP comprised 7,400 Powerwall batteries, which can supply 100 MWh to the state’s grid.

The Puerto Rican VPP connecting Powerwall units in private dwellings can be deployed on a need basis to prop up the grid. It can help prevent blackouts and cut the reliance on hydrocarbon-powered peaker plants.

Puerto Ricans can gain up to $1 per kWh when they feed energy to the grid, which could come as often as four times per year. They will get their compensation from Tesla after the company receives the payments from the utility providers.

Powerwall owners can set their power contribution by adjusting their Powerwall’s VPP Backup Reserve, ensuring they have enough energy for their own use.

However, the VPP program is only accepting Powerwall users registered with LUMA’s Net Energy Metering program. Other owners who have not enrolled with other VPPs are also welcome. Participants can sign up for Tesla’s VPP through the company’s mobile app.

Tesla quietly launched Powerwall 3 two months ago.

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