Cadillac reveals perks for Lyriq owners in Canada

Cadillac has revealed some of the perks that will come with the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq for Canadian buyers.

As per Canadian Automotive News, owners will be offered a choice of either:

  • Cadillac to cover the cost of the standard installation of a Level 2 home charger or;
  • $750 charging credit with FLO Canada

The incentive will be available for both of those who buy or lease the Lyriq.

For the installation of the Level 2 charger, Cadillac is partnering with Qmerit.

Qmerit will help the owners find qualified EV supply equipment installers and coordinate the installation in their homes.

While for those who opt for the charging credits, the Lyriq owners will have access to over 65,000 charging points in North America.

These FLO charging points will also include FLO partners which include:

  • BC Hydro
  • Chargepoint
  • eCharge Network
  • Greenlots
  • Electric Circuit

The announcement of the Canadian perks is very close to those offered in the US.

In the US, Lyriq owners will have the option of either:

  • A credit of up to $1,500 towards home charger installation or;
  • Two years of unlimited public charging credits at EVgo

Cadillac aims to start deliveries for the RWD models in the next few months in Canada. With the AWD models beginning early next year.

For those interested in the Lyriq, the RWD model starts at $62,990, while the AWD models start at $64,990.

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