Elon Musk to hold ‘ask me anything’ session with Twitter employees

Elon Musk confirmed that he would hold an ask me anything session with Twitter staff next week.

The moves come as employees at the company raised significant concerns about how Musk’s appointment to the board may change the company culture.

Musk has already taken to Twitter to poll the masses on changes. Earlier this week, he asked if Twitter should add an edit button.

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal confirmed to staff that

“Following our board announcement, many of you have had different types of questions about Elon Musk, and I want to welcome you to ask those questions to him.”

According to Barrons, both Parag Agrawal and Elon will be on the ask me anything chat.

The announcement of Musk had Twitter’s internal Slack channel ripe with discussion at the staff level.

For instance, several employees noted that Musk has appeared to mock gender pronouns in the past and that a similar action by Twitter employees would lead to an HR Investigation.

It will be interesting to see the discussions from this ask me anything session. At least to say, Elon Musk is not someone who holds back. So, it should be a fruitful discussion for himself, the Twitter board and the employees.

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