Elon Musk talks FSD take rate and miles per intervention

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has provided some insights about some of the upcoming Full Self-Driving (FSD) software updates, promising a significant improvement in performance. Musk has also addressed a report claiming the number of owners signing up for FSD after the 30-day trial was just 2%.

According to Musk, the next FSD (Supervised) update, version 12.4, is set to deliver a “5 to 10x improvement in miles per intervention.” While it is difficult to gauge the exact level of improvement without knowing the current rate of miles per intervention, this means that the new update could potentially allow the car to drive 5 to 10 times further before requiring human intervention.

Based on our personal experience with FSD (Supervised), this would be a significant improvement as v12 has proven to be very capable in most scenarios, and it rarely requires a safety-critical intervention.

According to Musk, the internal release of the next version, v12.4, is planned for this weekend, with a limited external beta expected next week.

Looking beyond v12.4, Musk has indicated that v12.5 is scheduled for release in late June. This version will also feature major improvements in miles per intervention and will integrate a single stack system, eliminating the implicit stack on highways, further improving the software’s performance across various driving environments.

Musk also took to X to address claims regarding the take rate of Tesla’s FSD software. A recent study by YipitData suggested that the FSD take rate was only 2%. This figure was arrived at by looking at credit card data from a sample of around 3,500 Tesla owners who experienced the FSD free trial. From this sample, only about 50 reportedly subscribed to FSD.

Musk refuted these claims however. Without providing the actual figure, Musk said the actual take rate for FSD is “much higher.”

Previous reports have suggested the FSD take rate at just above 10%, but this was well before the release of FSD v12 and only a few months after the FSD subscription option launched. Tesla has also since cut the price of the both the FSD software package and the price of the FSD subscription.

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