Tesla finally starts roll out of FSD trial to owners stuck on 2024.8

The long wait for Tesla owners stuck on the 2024.8 software branch is nearing a close, as the first rollout of a new software update to give them access to the 30-day Full Self-Driving (Supervised) trial has finally started rolling out.

Tesla first started giving out a 30-day FSD trial to owners in late March, including the trial on the software branch 2024.3. This was good news for hundreds of thousands of Tesla owners who now had access to FSD for the first time, however it wasn’t as good for those that had already been updated to the 2024.8 software branch.

This meant that they would have to wait until FSD reached the 2024.8 branch or beyond. This was expected to happen in April, but that timeline passed with no signs of the update’s release.

That changed on Thursday when the first reports of software version 2024.14.5 started appearing, which included the latest version of FSD v12.3.6. One of those owners, X user Zach Brashears, said that his 2023 Model Y was previously on 2024.8.9, also sharing a photo showing the he now had FSD v12.3.6 and the 30-day trial.

According to TeslaFi, a platform that tracks the rollout of Tesla software updates, 2024.14.5 has so far only appeared in the US, and in limited numbers. This likely means Tesla is doing a soft rollout and will deploy the update to more owners once it has proven to be a stable release out in the wild.

If you are on 2024.8.9 and receive 2024.14.5 and your 30-day FSD trial, let us know in the comments below.

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