Elon Musk shares more details on the FSD button – how your driving will be graded and who will be eligible

Last week Elon Musk the highly anticipated Full Self-Driving (FSD) button will finally arrive on September 24, 2021. The Tesla CEO said it will be available to everyone with the FSD package, but only those who are rated as safe drivers for a period of 7 days after requesting the software will be able to download it.

As can sometimes be the case with his announcement tweets, details were slim leading to many unanswered questions. Several of those questions were answered in a series of tweets Sunday night.

One question was how the grading of the driver’s behaviour using the Tesla Insurance calculator will work. According to Musk the system will provide realtime feedback on how the driver is performing.

If they are receiving a failing grade at any point during the 7-day period, the car will provide feedback and tell you what to do to bring up your score to become a “good driver”.

If anyone is looking for a way to give themselves the best chance at being able to download the software, the answer lies in using Autopilot. According to Musk using the driver-assist technology will automatically be rated as good.

Musk also confirmed that FSD subscribers in the US will also be eligible to receive the software. The company launched the subscription package earlier this summer as a low-cost alternative compared to paying the full price upfront.

Unfortunately it looks like Canada will be left out of the FSD button party. Even though the first videos of FSD beta being used on Canadian roads appeared last week, Musk said on September 2 that a Canadian release was still at least a few months away.

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