Elon Musk is planning to let go 50% of Twitter staff by Friday: Report

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Last week we saw cuts to the senior ranks of staff, and this week it looks like Elon Musk will be cutting more jobs at Twitter.

According to sources at Bloomberg, Musk is planning to eliminate half of the current workforce as of Friday.

The changes would affect around 3,700 jobs.

Elon Musk’s changes to Twitter continues with new verification launching next week and edit button for everyone: Report

The cuts will vary by team, but layoff lists were created by senior personnel who were asked to target a 50% reduction in headcount. The lists were drawn up and ranked via individuals’ contributions to Twitter’s code during their time at the company.

This aligns with earlier thinking by Elon, who noted he wanted to focus on Twitter‘s core product back in October. The details of the severance package are unclear, but one scenario has employees receiving 60 days of severance pay.

Per the sources, Musk and his team of advisors are still considering a range of scenarios and policy changes at the company.

One of these policy changes is that Musk intends to reverse the c current work-from-anywhere policy and will require the remaining employees to report to the office.

In addition, one of the last C-suite employees left at Twitter has exited.

Twitter Chief Accounting Officer Robert Kaiden has left the company after sorting out the layoffs with Musk and his advisors.

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