Elon Musk is planning a lithium plant and Neuralink campus in Texas

According to local regulatory filings found by the Austin Business Journal, Elon Musk’s Texas expansions are continuing.

The latest expansion plans include two separate projects.

The first is a campus in Travis County for Neuralink Corp.

The new campus would include a 78 thousand square foot facility in the Del Valle area.

The campus would be around 20 minutes away from the current Neuralink HQ located at Tesla’s Giga Austin.

The second and one of the more exciting plans is a lithium battery plant for Tesla near Corpus Christi, Texas.

The plant would be a battery-grade lithium hydroxide refining facility and be the first of its kind in North America.

The plant would support the processing, refining and manufacturing of battery materials to support battery production for Tesla.

Tesla is not committing to the site in Texas yet and is considering another location in Louisiana at the same time.

As per the application, Tesla noted:

In the case of the investment on this proposed project in Texas, the decision will be based on a number of commercial and financial considerations, including the ability to obtain relief regarding local property taxes.

Tesla is seeking a taxable value limitation with Robstown Independent School District for the lithium facility.

The ask would see a cap of $20 million on the land value for maintenance and operations taxes between 2025 and 2034.

If approved, Tesla would save an estimated $16.2 million on taxes over the ten years.

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