Elon Musk fights back after Tesla snubbed at White House Forum

A mere hours before Tesla’s Q4 earnings call, President Joe Biden met with Tesla’s most prominent rivals to applaud their efforts to push to electrify.

The President met with the car manufacturers to praise their efforts to reduce carbon pollution, boost US manufacturing and support his Build Back Better legislation.

The meeting at the White House included the CEOs of General Motors, Ford and Cummins, who is an engine manufacturer. However, Tesla evidently did not get the invite.

Naturally, like the last time that the White House hosted auto manufacturers, Musk took to Twitter to complain.

However, he was not done there. Musk went on a bit of tangent and ended up tweeting about governments and freedom and other topics. Here is a quick snap of what he was saying.


At least to say, the snub annoyed Musk, and he went off. It was a relatively pointless White House forum meant to be a photo-op for the President and a few legacy automakers.

Should the White House have invited Tesla to a discussion on EVs? Yes, Tesla is the proven and undisputable leader in EV sales in the US.

However, it is not a surprise that Musk did not get the invite given the administration’s fondness of unions, something which Tesla does not embrace.

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