Elon Musk shoots down idea of individual Full Self-Driving licenses (again)

Tesla’s suite of Full Self Driving (FSD) features now costs $12,000 in the US after a $2,000 price increase earlier this month.

The package isn’t any cheaper in Canada, now selling for $10,600, and expected to increase soon with the pending release of FSD Beta north of the border.

The high price tag has led to many requests for the ability to transfer your FSD package to a new Tesla when either selling of trading-in your existing vehicle.

Elon Musk has so far rejected the idea, but that didn’t stop the question from being asked again on today’s earnings call.

Surprisingly, the question came from an institutional investor this time, who asked:

“Would you consider splitting FSD packages into ‘perpetual’ and ‘term’ (i.e. life of car) licences. With a higher tier of both options for commercial use? Perpetual licence could be attached to individual or business and not to the vehicle.”

After a moment of silence, Musk shot down the idea again, saying it sounds “too complicated”.

“We’re just going to focus on what sell for the lowest cost per mile or kilometer of driving. That’s what matters, how do we maximize the efficiency of getting from one place to another. And then charge in a sensible way.”

While it is disappointing that Musk is against transferring FSD to a new car, the fact that the idea keeps popping up shows that it is something owners want.

This is especially true for owners who purchased FSD many years ago, and who will never get to enjoy the feature they wanted all along – Full Self-Driving.

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