SpaceX planning one launch per week in 2022

SpaceX Inspiration4
Credit: Inspiration4 /Twitter

SpaceX set a record in 2021 with 31 launches throughout the year, beating the previous record from 2020 in which it launched 26 times.

If they are able to follow through on their plans in 2022, they will smash last year’s record and double the number of launches from just two years ago.

During a NASA agency oversight committee meeting on Thursday, member Sandra Magnus revealed the company has “an ambitious 52 launch manifest” for this year. (via CNBC)

The once-per-week schedule was called “incredible” by Magnus, but just three weeks into the new year are on track.

SpaceX has already successfully launched 3 Falcon 9 rockets so far, and have plans for 2 more before the end of January.

It is those Falcon 9 rockets that are the key to the company’s rapid launch rate. SpaceX has made the extremely difficult task of safely landing its rocket boosters seem ordinary, allowing them to not only reuse them but also save a lot of money in the process.

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on collision course with the moon

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