Nissan and Honda confirm partnership on EV development

There have been talks about Nissan and Honda collaborating on electric vehicle development. The two legacy automakers have now confirmed they are working together on vehicle electrification and intelligence via a joint press statement.

With an MOU signed by the two companies, Nissan and Honda have committed to carrying out a feasibility study on collaborating on developing new EVs. Depending on the outcome of the study, the Asian automakers will co-develop EV platforms, software, components including battery procurement and other complimentary products.

Nissan and Honda are hoping to cut the cost of EV development. This is in response to challenges from Tesla and other Chinese EV makers propagating aggressive price slashes on their electric models.

BYD is leading the Chinese offense, with multiple discounts this year already, including on new models. BYD, however, is in a unique position as it manufactures many of its vehicle components in-house. It has also started shipping its EVs itself.

Nissan is one of the earliest brands associated with mass-market EVs, with its Leaf EV released in 2010. It recently dropped prices on its Ariya SUV in Canada and the US.

Honda has seen a collaboration with GM hit the rocks. However, it announced a new EV line at CES early this year. Its 2024 Prologue EV offers up to 296 miles range and starts at $48,000 in the US.

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