Volkswagen putting ChatGPT in its cars

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the latest technological advancements, and Volkswagen has found a way to combine it with zero-emission mobility, bringing the popular ChatGPT to its models.

Volkswagen will showcase ChatGPT integration in its vehicle at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) starting on January 9th in Las Vegas. The AI will feature in the latest versions of the ID.3ID.4ID.5, and ID.7. Interestingly, the technology may not be offered in the US yet despite debuting there.

If you are uneasy about letting ChatGPT drive your car, you don’t have to worry as Volkswagen will only combine the chatbot with its voice assistant, IDA, which can already answer simple queries and control some settings and navigation. However, with ChatGPT on board, IDA will forward the more complex questions to the AI, get a response, and pass it to the driver.

Customers don’t have to worry about data security either, as Volkswagen says ChatGPT won’t be able to access vehicle information. In additional security steps, questions and replies are deleted immediately.

According to Volkswagen, it is the first mass-market car maker to put ChatGPT in a car, in collaboration with AI software maker Cerence.

Describing the new feature, Cerence CEO Stefan Ortmanns said, “With Cerence Chat Pro, VW is empowered with an automotive-grade ChatGPT integration that offers unmatched flexibility, customization, and ease of deployment, while prioritizing security and usability for drivers. As we look to the future, together Volkswagen and Cerence will explore collaboration to design a new, large language model (LLM)-based user experience as the basis of Volkswagen’s next-generation in-car assistant.“

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