Tesla Imports Cathode Coils from China for 4680 Cell Assembly in Texas: Report

Battery production has not always been a smooth affair for Tesla, as it has encountered roadblocks on its journey to ramping up the production of the 4680 cells. However, the EV maker may have come upon a solution as it will be importing cathode coils from China to assemble battery cells.

According to sources contacted by LatePost in China, Tesla began sourcing and importing cathode coils from China in 2023 before assembling them as parts of its 4680 batteries in Texas, in the US. It selected two suppliers from a potential pool of Chinese battery companies based on their production lines. (via CNEvPost)

Tesla had to settle for tier-two companies after the larger suppliers insisted on only selling complete cells instead of just cathode coils.

The report claims Tesla could continue buying from the suppliers well into 2024 before Panasonic starts mass-producing the 4680 cells in the third quarter. Importing cathode coils will make it easier for Tesla to ramp up its own 4680 production quickly.

Cathode coils have a big impact on battery cells as they represent up to 35 percent of the total costs of the cells. Hence, where Tesla is sourcing them from can directly affect its cars’ selling prices.

Tesla aimed to start mass-producing the 4680 battery in 2021. However, delays pushed the start date of mass production to 2023, affecting the Cybertruck‘s availability. Tesla produced the 20 millionth 4680 cell in October 2023.

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