Electrify Canada changes pricing structure to offer cheaper charging


Starting on October 5, 2020, EV drivers pulling up to an Electrify Canada charging station will see a simplified pricing structure that will result in lower charging costs.

The company previously charged a $1 session fee, along with rates in three different tiers ranging from $0.27/min up to $1.07/min based on the amount of power used.

Users could also opt for the Electrify Canada Pass+ membership at $4 per month. Once enrolled, session fees would be waived and the cost to charge would be reduced by roughly 20 cents per minute.

Under the new simpler pricing structure, all session fees have been eliminated and there are now just two tiers of pricing based on two power levels – 1-90kW and 1-350kW. Prices for the higher-kilowatt charging have also been reduced.

“Electrify Canada is committed to providing a premier charging experience that makes it quick and easy for drivers to charge with us. We have developed a new pricing structure that is consistent, transparent and provides even greater value,” said Robert Barrosa, chief operating officer at Electrify Canada.

For the 90kW DC fast charging option, prices have been reduced to start as low as $0.21 per minute with the Pass+ membership. Drivers in the second tier (up to 350kW) will be charged as low as $0.44 per minute, a more than 50% reduction from the previous prices.

New Electrify Canada charging rates

Electrify Canada is currently installing 32 charging stations with a total of 128 chargers on Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec. They also recently announced overhead canopies would be added to all their stations, helping to protect EV drivers from the sometimes harsh Canadian climate.

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