Electrify Canada EV charging station opens in Kelowna, BC

After opening their first electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in western Canada earlier this summer in both Kamloops and Merritt, Electrify Canada has announced the opening of their third location in British Columbia.

Located at the Canadian Tire Store in Kelowna, B.C., (1655 Leckie Road), the DC fast charging station features 3 CCS connectors and 1 CCS-CHAdeMo connector. Power ranges from 75kW up to 350kW for properly equipped electric vehicles.

If you plan on using the new EV chargers in Kelowna, there is a $1 session fee, and you are billed by the minute depending on the amount of power delivered. As with Tesla Superchargers, there is a $0.40/min idle fee to prevent EV drivers from staying plugged in once they are fully charged. The idle fees only kick in 10 minutes after your charging session has ended.

Electrify Canada fees

Electrify Canada plans to have an expansive EV charging network conveniently located along the Trans-Canada Highway and Highways 97 and 99. The company hopes to have 11 charging stations open by the end of the year, with one currently under construction in Salmon Arm.

Electrify Canada BC map August 24

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