Electric vehicle sales in New Brunswick increase 350% after introduction of provincial rebate program

In July the Government of New Brunswick introduced a new electric vehicle (EV) rebate program in the hopes of increasing the number of zero-emission vehicles on provincial roads.

The program had its work cut out for it after the province didn’t even come close to achieving their goal of having 2,500 EVs by 2020, ending 2019 with just 429 EVs registered.

That number has now increased substantially. In the five months since the program was introduced, more than 200 EVs have qualified for the rebate, data from the Government of New Brunswick shows.

It might not sound like much, until you see EV sales increased by 350% compared to the same time period last year when just 41 EVs were purchased in the province.

New Brunswick isn’t the only Canadian province to prove the effectiveness of EV rebates in increasing EV adoption.

Nova Scotia also introduced a new rebate program this year, which increased EV sales by 50% in six months.

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