Elon Musk may be losing fans, but Model 3 owners still love their cars: Bloomberg survey

Five years ago, Tesla launched the Model 3 for the mass market. When Bloomberg repeated a survey of Model 3 owners, the results differed from half a decade ago; Elon Musk has lost fans, but the Model 3 still commands the love of its owners.

The first survey polled more than 7,000 verified Model 3 owners, which revealed the majority felt Tesla had delivered the death knell to the traditional internal combustion engine. The consensus was Musk deserved all the accolades for pulling it off.

Musk has since become the wealthiest person alive, sometimes by a wide margin. He has also further solidified his personality by using and ultimately buying Twitter (now known as X). Unsurprisingly, when Bloomberg recently reran the poll, much of the attention went to the CEO.

According to the survey, many Model 3 owners have changed their minds about the adoration of Musk. The question on his approval experienced the steepest change in opinion. Out of more than 130 poll questions, the ones based on Musk’s Twitter acquisition and potentially problematic tweets scored the lowest.

While many Model 3 owners still loved their cars, they felt betrayed by Musk’s unending political squabbles on the micro-blogging websites and downplaying climate change consequences.

While most owners still love their Model 3, that love doesn’t mean they don’t plan on selling their cars. Except they will be buying another Tesla. According to the poll nearly 75% of Model 3 owners who are considering purchasing another car in the next two years are planning to buy a Tesla. And the Tesla those Model 3 owners want the most is the Cybertruck, with more than half saying the electric pickup is their top choice.

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