Electric taxi service Téo Taxi returning to Quebec streets

Teo Taxi night

After an unexpected disappearance from Quebec streets early in 2019, Téo Taxi is making a comeback in Montreal and Gatineau.

The announcement of its return was made last week by Pierre Karl Péladeau, who acquired Téo Taxi’s parent company Taxelco after it filed for bankruptcy in January 2019.

“I am very happy to announce the rebirth of Téo Taxi,” said Péladeau. “I would like to salute the vision of its creator, Alexandre Taillefer. We are building on its foundations. We are now confident that the new Téo Taxi is here to stay, especially since the technological, business and regulatory context has evolved.”

The electric taxi company will be restarting operations with a fleet of 55 Kia Soul EVs. The majority of them (50) will be in Montreal, with the remaining roaming the streets of Gatineau.

Taxelco, parent company of Téo Taxi, also has two other taxi companies under its umbrella, Taxi Diamond and Taxi Hochelaga. With the re-launch of Téo Taxi, Péladeau wants to electrify its entire fleet to electric by 2030, and plans to add 120 new EVs each year. If successful, it would make it the largest electric taxi fleet in Canada.

“We intend to electrify the Taxelco fleet by 2030. The return of Téo Taxi is therefore an important milestone in our plan for the future. We want to make 120 new Téo electric vehicles available per year, thereby becoming the largest fleet of electric taxis in Canada,” Péladeau told Betakit.

For the same price as a regular cab, users simply have to download the Téo Taxi app (iOS and Android) where they can order their taxi with just a few clicks. From the app, you can track your taxi until it arrives at your pick-up location.

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