Dutch Government Lab decodes Tesla driving data

According to Reuters, a Dutch government forensic lab has decrypted Tesla’s driving data storage system.

The system could be used to investigate serious accidents with its vast amount of data.

The Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) decrypted data showing details on Autopilot. The data also includes speed, accelerator pedal position, steering wheel angle and brake usage. In addition, Tesla vehicles can store the data for over a year.

The discovery comes after Dutch authorities requested data from Tesla but discovered the company did not provide all the log files from the specified timeframe.

Instead of asking Tesla for additional data, the NFI did the work to reverse engineer the data logs from the vehicle.

According to the lab, they did the work to objectively investigate Tesla’s involvement in severe accidents within the country. As per the NFI, the lab could obtain data from Tesla Models S, Y, X and Model 3.

The discovery will allow the NFI to be more detailed with their data requests in the future from Tesla.

Tesla codes its driver data to keep the technology secure from other manufacturers and protect driver privacy. However, drivers can request their data, including camera footage, if there is an accident.

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