Audi A6 Avant e-Tron unveiled

Audi unveiled the Audi A6 Avant e-Tron concept at their 2022 Annual Media Conference. As per the announcement, the concept will be close to what Audi customers will be able to order in the near future.

Audi released the A6 e-Tron back at Auto Shanghai 2021, and this latest Avant e-Tron looks to be a wagon version of the sportback.

The A6 Avant e-Tron is built on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture and has very similar dimensions to the company’s current A6 and A7 models.

Numbers are the same for both the A6 e-Tron sportback and wagon versions.

The A6 Avant e-Tron will feature a 100 kWh battery capable of going from 5 to 80 per cent charge in less than 25 minutes with 270kW fast charging.

The concept also features a dual-motor AWD powertrain that produces 469 hp of total output. Audi noted that the top model of the concept would go from 0-100 km/h in just less than 4 seconds.

Although we did not get a launch window for the new A6 vehicles, we now know that a wagon body will be part of the A6 Luxury Class lineup.

You can check out the video about the car below.

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