Ontario Liberals propose up to $9,500 in EV related incentives if elected

Electric vehicle (EV) buyers in Ontario will be able to receive up to $9,500 in related incentives, if the provincial Liberal party wins next year’s election.

Ontario Liberal Party leader Steven Del Duca announced their EV platform on Tuesday, which would provide up to $8,000 off the purchase or lease of a qualifying EV.

The proposed program would follow similar rules as the federal iZEV program and limit the rebate to vehicles with six seats or fewer and priced under $55,000. The limit would be increased to $60,000 for those with seven seats or more.

Combined with the iZEV rebate, Ontario residents could get up to $13,000 off their next EV purchase, coming close to the previous $14,000 rebate that was cancelled by the current government.

“Since 2018, Doug Ford has sadly taken our province backwards as it relates to protecting our environment and fighting the climate crisis. We know that hardworking families want to do their part to fight the climate crisis. We know that they’re looking for that opportunity to step up but we also know that right now in this province life is getting less and less affordable,” said Del Duca (via Toronto Sun)

Along with the rebate for the purchase of a car, the Ontario Liberals would also provide up to $1,500 off the purchase of home charging equipment.

The announcement comes just days after Premier Doug Ford said the reason he cancelled the rebate was because he didn’t want to give money to millionaires buying $100,000+ EVs.

Premier Doug Ford says EV rebate is not coming back as he tries to lure automakers to produce EVs in Ontario

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