Deutsch Post DHL orders 2,000 Ford E-Transit Vans

Deutsch Post DHL has finalized an order of more than 2,000 Ford E-Transit vans for their logistics fleet.

The agreement between Ford Pro and DHL will see the automaker provide the courier with 2,000 E-Transit vans by the end of 2023.

As per the order MOU reported by, most of the order is for E-Transit vans designed to handle express shipments in the Americas and Europe.

DHL has also ordered Ford Pro EVs with a customized box for inner-city distribution for the German market. The company will launch the vans in Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic.

They also confirmed that the E-transits would mainly be used for last-mile logistics.

This is not the first major order for the courier, as their sister company DHL Express ordered 270 E-Transit vans in the summer.

The company is aiming for 60 per cent EV in its logistics fleet by 2030 and will hopefully operate a fleet of 80,000 EVs within ten years.

DHL, of course, just got out of the delivery van market when they sold StreetScooter to Odin Automotive in January.

Now, the German-based courier relies on Ford, Mercedes and Volvo to supply their fleet of delivery trucks.

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