Ford’s EV sales grow in June on the back of 1,837 F-150 Lightning trucks sold

Ford’s electric vehicle (EV) sales continues to grow in 2022, as the automaker posted a 76.6% increase in its EV sales in June. However, the numbers wouldn’t have been as positive were it not for the introduction of the F-150 Lightning.

According to the figures released by Ford this morning, a total of 4,353 EVs were sold last month. That figure was broken down among their three EV offerings, the Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Lightning, and E-Transit commercial van.

The Mach-E accounted to 1,957 sales. That figure represents a 20.6% drop compared to June 2021 when 2,465 units were sold.

The F-150 Lightning amassed 1,837 sales in June, based on figures revealed by Ford’s North America Product Communications Director Mike Levine on Twitter. June was the first full month the electric truck was on sale in North America, bringing the total number sold to 2,296 since the first unit was delivered to a customer in late May.

At least 220 of those have been delivered to customers in Canada, based on figures included in the first recall for the Lightning.

That puts the remaining 559 EV sales under the E-Transit. The electric van has now sold 3,008 units in 2022, which Ford says is “more than 16 times to combined sales of all U.S. electric commercial vans.”

In a press release, Ford also says their EV sales figures put them “second only to Tesla in U.S. electric vehicle sales.” Over the weekend, Tesla reported a total of 254,695 cars delivered around the world, but did not break down how many of those were in the U.S.

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