Cruise starts to map Dubai streets ahead of launch

After officially launching its commercial driverless operations in San Francisco, Cruise is now looking at its next expansion.

According to Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority, Cruise has sent two of its autonomous Chevrolet Bolt EVs to start mapping the city.

The mapping program will assist in the broader launch planned sometime in 2023.

Last April, Cruise partnered with the Roads and Transport Authority to open a robotaxi service.

The agreement supports UAE ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision of converting 25 per cent of transportation trips in Dubai to self-driving by 2030.

Cruise will be the sole robotaxi provider in Dubai until 2029.

The two Chevy Bolts started mapping on Sunday and will initially be deployed in the Jumeriah area of the city.

Using lidar, radar and cameras, the vehicles will create a virtual map for the future robotaxis to follow.

Cruise is planning to deploy Cruise Origins for use in the city.

However, the path forward for Cruise in Dubai and the UAE is not super clear.

First and foremost, Cruise has no Origins in operation at the moment.

The company has built a couple for closed-course testing, but they have not yet made it on a public road.

In addition, UAE has a different regulatory framework than California.

However, many expect Cruise to deploy a similar roadmap that they have done in San Francisco.

Including deploying the tried and tested Chevrolet Bolt’s as trusting on the Origin continues.

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