Elon Musk teases “highly configurable” Tesla Robovan [Update]

Tesla currently has four vehicles in its passenger vehicle lineup, but that lineup is expected to grow next year with the introduction of the Cybertruck and Roadster. It is also expected to expand into a new market segment with the electric Semi.

Based on new comments from Elon Musk, Tesla may be wanting to expand into another market segment with an electric Robovan.

This morning Musk sent an unprompted tweet saying “Maybe Tesla should make a highly configurable Robovan for people & cargo?”

He didn’t provide any further details, but when asked if it would be bigger than the Model X, Musk replied with a winking emoji, indicating that is exactly what he has in mind.


UPDATE 11:05am PST: Musk has teased more details about the Robovan, saying it could have an “optional solar power canopy that extends both sides of the van, tripling roof area,” similar to the solar range extender trailer that was revealed earlier this week. Although Musk said since it would be a van and not a trailer, you would be able to “stand or sit under it for shade.”

Without much more to go on, its unclear if this Robovan will be completely different from another new vehicle that was mentioned at the Cyber Rodeo. While on stage at the opening of Giga Texas, Musk revealed the company was working on a new “futuristic-looking” electric vehicle used as a “dedicated robotaxi.”

Given that Musk said this Robovan will be highly configurable for both people and cargo, the two vehicles will likely share some similarities.

The idea of a Tesla van is one that has long been requested by fans, and based on the responses to Musk’s tweet this morning, is still something that a lot of Tesla fans want to purchase.

Minivans are a popular choice among families, but there are currently no pure-electric options on the market. The closest is the Chrysler Pacifica plug-in-hybrid, which provides an electric range of 32 miles (51km).

Would you buy a Tesla Robovan? Let us know in the comments below.

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