Cruise robotaxis shut down a San Francisco street for several hours

A group of GM Cruise robotaxis shut down a multi-lane thoroughfare in downtown San Francisco for several hours earlier this week.

More than a dozen Cruise robotaxis stopped on the street and turning lanes, essentially shutting down the road.

The vehicles would not move, causing a traffic jam lasting over two hours.

General Motors employees had to manually drive the vehicles off the road to resolve the issue.

In a statement, Cruise noted:

We had an issue earlier this week that caused some of our vehicles to cluster together. While it was resolved and no passengers were impacted, we apologise to anyone who was inconvenienced.

Cruise is still one of the leading autonomous companies, and even with these issues, the technology is testing well in San Francisco.

Although, driverless taxis are leading to some growing pains.

In April, we reported on a viral video of San Francisco police officers pulling over a Cruise robotaxi. However, to their confusion, there was no driver.

At least say, the growing pains will continue, and incidents like the one earlier this week will only lead to better autonomous driving in the future.

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