Here’s what happens when cops pull over autonomous Cruise vehicle in San Francisco [Video]

Credit: @b.rad916 /Instagram

Cruise autonomous vehicles have been driving on the streets on San Francisco without safety drivers behind the wheel since earlier this year.

Over the weekend one of those cars was pulled over by local police in the city’s Richmond District, and it was all captured on camera.

According to a video of the incident shared on Instagram, the Cruise vehicle appears to pull over after the police activate their lights and sirens. We don’t know why but the Instagram user speculates it might be because it had no lights on.

After police approach the vehicle and realize no one is inside, the car appears to attempt to flee the police, only to pull over a few meters down the street.

It turns out it wasn’t actually attempting to flee the scene. In a response to Electrek, Cruise said the vehicle first yielded to police, and then moved to a safer spot down the street. According to Cruise, the car performed to their specifications.

The company also confirmed they received no ticket for the incident.

You can watch the full video below.


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