Tesla adds Model Y rear liftgate sunshade to the online store

One of the complaints of Tesla Model Y owners is the lack of a cover for the rear trunk area. Although tinted the trunk is still visible to people passing by, which could lead to unwanted break-ins if someone spots something in your trunk they want.

While Tesla has yet to release a cover, their new rear liftgate sunshade might serve the purpose until one is available, while also keeping your car cooler.

Much like the sunshades available for the glass roof of the Model 3, the Model Y rear liftgate sunshade is made of a lightweight mesh fabric that blocks 2/3 of solar thermal load.

It features a collapsible rigid frame and can be stored in a 16-inch diameter zippered pouch. You’re probably wondering if it impacts visibility out the rear window – Tesla says it doesn’t.

The sunshade is priced at $105 CAD ($80 USD), and can be purchased by clicking here.

Product Description

Constructed of lightweight mesh fabric with a collapsible rigid frame, the rear sunshade blocks two thirds of solar thermal load without compromising rearward visibility. Easily removable, the sunshade is installed onto the interior of the rear hatch window. When removed, the shade collapses and stores in a 16-inch diameter pouch.


  • 1x rear liftgate sunshade
  • 1x zippered storage pouch
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