Hawaii’s first Tesla Supercharger coming soon

Hawaii will get its first Tesla Supercharger soon, and it’s not on the biggest island, or even the island with the highest population. Instead, it will be built in Lanai City on the small island of Lanai located just off the coast of Maui.

According to documents discovered on TMC and posted to Twitter by @MontrealTesla, Hawaii’s first Supercharger will be located in a parking lot on 12th Street. It will feature 4 Supercharger stalls, along with 36 High Power Wall Connectors (HPWC).

With a population of 3,200 people, only 30 miles of paved roads, and not one traffic light, you are probably wondering why Tesla selected Lanai over places like Honolulu or Oahu for Hawaii’s first Supercharger.

The reason is likely Larry Ellison, billionaire founder of Oracle, and more importantly current Tesla board member. Ellison bought approximately 98% of the island in 2012 for $300 million. According to a report, Ellison moved there full-time recently, and has already spent $500 million developing the island to turn it into a tourist destination.

Beyond being a tourist destination, Ellison also wants to create the first “economically viable, 100 percent green community” on the island, according to a New York Times report.

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