Tesla seeks infrastructure installations from government ahead of Gigafactory Mexico construction

Tesla’s expansion into Mexico has been off to a slow start after the new Gigafactory was first announced in March. In the six months since we have seen little to no progress at the site, and while Tesla enthusiasts and investors are eagerly await the groundbreaking event, the company is requesting the local government bring required infrastructure to the site before construction begins.

Tesla has requested the government to provide energy, water, road, and rail infrastructure at the factory site, according to comments made by Nuevo León governor, Samuel Garcia. This request is reportedly a significant part of the negotiations between Tesla and the Nuevo León state government.

The state however recognizes that Tesla’s investment in the factory will have far-reaching economic effects, generating employment and boosting the local economy, so they are working with the company to come to a mutually agreeable resolution. A positive result seems like a foregone conclusion based on comments made by Garcia, who said he expects negotiations to conclude “very soon.”

“We’re working for this to happen very soon, so they have all the infrastructure they need to begin as soon as possible,” he said. (via Reuters)

Despite the infrastructure challenges, Tesla has made progress. Recently, the company secured necessary environmental impact permits, giving it a 26-month window to prepare the site and start construction. While completion is anticipated by the end of 2025, Tesla remains committed to its goal of expediting production.

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