Chevrolet to offer window clings after Bolt EV servicing

bolt window cling

Chevrolet is providing Bolt EV and EUV owners with “Chevrolet Certified” window clings. The clings will prove that an approved Chevrolet dealership replaced the vehicle’s battery module or installed the latest software update.

The clings will have a QR code that will allow parking lot attendants and garage owners to scan and confirm the Bolt’s repair.

With the recall back in August 2021, many garage owners banned Chevrolet Bolt’s from their parking structures.

San Francisco parking lot bans Chevy Bolt EVs following recall over fire concerns [Update]

GM previously advised owners to park 50 feet away from other vehicles in parking garages. In addition, GM advised owners to park on the top level of open-air parking decks.

Once customers receive either the battery module replacement or software update GM confirmed that parking restrictions no longer apply.

According to a Chevrolet spokesperson, “We [Chevrolet] decided to make this cling available as the result of direct feedback from our owners”. (via The Detroit News)

Chevrolet is sending the window clings for Bolt EV and EUV owners this month.

However, the company did not confirm how many more Bolt EVs and EUVs were left in the recall.

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