Lucid announces Air Dream Edition will be available in two variants offering power or range

While we still don’t know when the first Lucid Air Dream Edition vehicles will land in the hands of customers, the company announced this morning it will come in two new variants.

The two new variants will give customers the choice of either more power or more range.

For customers wanting to go fast, Lucid now offers the Dream Edition Performance. According to Lucid, this configuration is “optimized for speed and acceleration with 1,111 horsepower.”

If long-distance driving is more you thing, you can opt for the Dream Edition Range which offers slightly less horsepower (993).

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The Lucid Air has yet to be certified by the U.S. EPA, so it doesn’t have an official range, but during a recent MotorTrend test drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco, the Dream Edition Range was able to travel more than 500 miles with plenty left in the tank.

During the drive, a pair of Dream Edition Range cars drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco at highway speeds via central California, and then back across the San Francisco Bay to Lucid’s global headquarters, traveling 445 miles on a single charge. Upon arrival, the cars displayed, respectively, 30 miles and 72 miles of charge remaining (for totals of 475 and 517 miles).

Lucid says the two variants will be offered at the same price, and they will be contacting reservation holders soon to update their orders based on their preference. The automaker also reiterated that deliveries will begin later this year.

Lucid will be contacting Dream Edition reservation holders shortly to update their configuration with their preferred version, both of which remain at the fully-equipped price of $169,000 ($161,500 after potential $7,500 US federal tax credit)². In September, Lucid will begin hosting media tours of its factory in Casa Grande, Arizona, ahead of customer deliveries. Deliveries of both versions of the fully reserved Lucid Air Dream Edition will begin later this year, with Lucid Air Grand Touring following shortly thereafter.

Here are the full specs for each vehicle.
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