Canadian zero-emission vehicle registrations drop in 2020

Statistics Canada has released new information showing that the number of new zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) in Canada dropped in 2020.

In total there were 54,353 new ZEVs registered in Canada last year, representing 3.52% of all new vehicle registrations in the country. That means 1,812 less ZEVs were registered compared to 2019, but as a proportion of all registrations there was a small increase of 0.61%.

Proportion of ZEV registrations
Chart via Statistics Canada

Part of the reason for the drop could have because of the pandemic, which not only changed shopping habits but forced many dealerships to close in the second quarter.

Figures rebounded in the second half of the year, with more than 61% of the new ZEV registered in the third and fourth quarters.

Three provinces drove the number of registrations in 2020. British Columbia, Quebec, and Ontario accounted for 95.4% of all new ZEVs in the country.

British Columbia ZEV Registrations

ZEVs accounted for 8.40% (15,211) of all new vehicle registrations in British Columbia, up from 7.8% in the previous year. Much like the figures for the whole country, ZEV registrations dropped slightly in 2020, down 1,769 compared to 2019.

BC ZEV Registrations
Chart via Statistics Canada

Quebec ZEV Registrations

Quebec was slightly lower than B.C., with ZEVs representing 6.81% (26,102) of all new vehicle registrations in the province. Quebec also saw a small decrease with 969 fewer ZEVs registered compared to 2019.

Quebec ZEV registrations
Chart via Statistics Canada

Ontario ZEV Registrations

Ontario has no electric vehicle (EV) incentives, but still made the list of top three simply due to its population size. In 2020 1.8% (10,515) new ZEVs were registered in the province, an increase from 1.2% in 2019.

The numbers are still well below levels seen in 2018, the same year the Ford government ended the $14,000 provincial EV incentive program.

Ontario ZEV registrations
Chart via Statistics Canada

You can see all the data from Statistics Canada below.

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