Cadillac finally reveals the upcoming flagship Celestiq EV

Cadillac has been teasing the public with part-images of its upcoming luxury Celestiq electric sedan, but the company has now revealed full pictures of the EV.

The new flagship EV is seen in all its glory in a video released by the company. The Celestiq is the second EV under the Cadillac brand, following the Lyriq that is just starting to get delivered to pre-order holders.

The Celestiq, with seats for four, is based on GM’s Ultium platform but stands out with exclusive features, like being handmade and costing a lot of money. It is rumored to cost about $300,000. As such, the car is not expected to sell in high volume.

The flagship electric sedan was first mentioned in 2021, with a supposedly smart glass roof.

In the press release announcing the Celestiq, Cadillac described the car as “a vision of innovation and purpose that previews the brand’s future handcrafted and all-electric flagship sedan.”

Highlights of the Cadillac Celestiq include a massive 55-inch display featuring special “electronic digital blinds” that will block the driver from seeing the passenger’s screen, who can watch a movie while driving. Backseat riders also get their own screens. The smart glass roof has four zones that passengers can fine-tune for personal comfort.

The video shows a lot of light on the front, sides, and back, and the interior looks high-class. However, whether the whole package is worth the purported price will be answered when production starts in 2023 at GM’s Global Technical Center in Michigan, where GM has spent $81 million on renovation.

There is no technical information about the Celestiq yet.

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