Cadillac’s high-end Celestiq EV to cost from $300,000

What is the definition of a luxury EV? We may soon be finding out as the upcoming Cadillac Celestiq EV is reportedly getting a starting price of about $300,000, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Not all EVs are born equal, and the 2024 Cadillac Celestiq is a case in point. The flagship battery-powered car will cost a whopping $300,000 when it finally gets released.

With such a high price, the people with inside information have said Cadillac will only make about 500 units per year, meaning you will not see many of these cars on the roads.

Cadillac is expected to begin production toward the end of 2023. Inside, there is a giant screen that runs side-to-side on the dashboard. It is even bigger than the 33-inch screen gracing the Lyriq.

Apart from the screen, the Celestiq is expected to be all-wheel drive with all-wheel steering to make turning corners easier. There is also a complete glass roof to watch the sky (as a passenger, of course) in this luxury EV. What is interesting about the glass roof is that each passenger can set how transparent their portion of it is.

Cadillac is yet to release full images of the premium Celestiq, but it has teased different parts, including the wheels, lights, door hinges, etc.

The high price tag will be justified by the introduction of the next-gen driver-assist tech of the parent company, Ultra Cruise. It will allow you to drive hands-free in 95 percent of driving situations and on more than 2 million miles of American roads. It is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Ride platform.

The Celestiq will be hand-built at GM’s plant in Warren, Michigan, and the company will invest $81 million in the site in preparation.

GM said it could reveal a prototype as early as July 2022.

In comparison, Tesla’s new-gen Roaster performance EV is expected to cost about $250,000.

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