Brantford Supercharger now open [Ontario]

Tesla has opened its sixth Supercharger in Canada in 2023. This time it belongs to Ontario after Brantford Supercharger was turned on today.

Construction of the Brantford Supercharger began last September and is located in front of the Canadian Tire at 30 Lynden Road. The site features 12 V3 stalls, which are now open and available to all Tesla owners according to an update to the website this morning. The station has not yet appeared on the in-car navigation.

Nearby amenities include a number of food options like A&W, McDonalds, Starbucks, Fast Freddie’s, and of course Canadian Tire.

There are two other Superchargers waiting to be turned on in Ontario. The multi-level Don Mills Supercharger has been completed for several months and is still awaiting activation. There is also the Scarborough Supercharger which started construction a few months ago in November.

This is the second Supercharger to open in Ontario, and the sixth in Canada in 2023. The Minden Supercharger opened last month, while others in British Columbia and Manitoba have also been turned on this year.

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