BC Hydro exploring credit card tap payment system for their EV chargers

While Tesla’s Supercharger network provides a seamless charging experience where you can just pull up and plug in and not have to figure out how to pay for your charging sessions, that is not the case for the majority of other EV drivers on other charging networks.

As a result, many BC drivers are asking for EV chargers to accept what might seem like a standard feature in today’s society – tap for credit and debit cards.

This technology has existed for years, and currently, in the lower mainland, you can tap your credit card to even get on Translink.

However, on the EV charging side, many companies require an app download before you can charge and do not allow for credit card payments directly on the charger.

So, if you are using a couple of charging networks providers, you may end up with half a dozen apps on the phone, which can be less than ideal, especially if you come across a charger that you have never used before and have a dead phone battery or have run out of data on your monthly plan.

BC Hydro, for its sake, is looking into the feasibility of a credit card tap system for their system.

A BC Hydro spokesperson said this about tap:

I’m told that the team is currently looking into a credit card tap option, but we’re still in the research and evaluation stage. We’re also exploring other technology options that would help. (via Driving.ca)

The issue is there is no legislation around EV charger payments in Canada. Instead, it is up to each charging network to consider what is best for the company and clients.

So, the question is, would you like to see credit card tap technology come to EV chargers, or are the apps the best way to do it?

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