Boring Company manufacturing facility plans hit a snag in Texas

The Boring Company demo

The Boring Company hoped to construct an 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility east of Austin, Texas, but the company hit a roadblock to these plans.

Bastrop County commissioners tabled the company’s application for a conditional use permit on Monday.

This tabling means that the massive facility is on hold, and as is all work that is nearby.

The company already has a development permit to conduct tunneling research on the site. Boring also applied with the county for a water hookup and wastewater system.

However, the latter part could be a major issue.

As per residents, there are already people living on the site, which may violate the permitting process, reports Bloomberg.

Texas law typically requires a state-level review of sewage facilities. However, neither Boring nor the entity that purchased the property, Gapped Bass LLC, has submitted or obtained an approval for sewage facilities.

The county did not outright deny the application.  However, Boring has some work to do in Bastrop County to ensure everything is ok as by local officials.

Boring Company representatives did not speak at the meeting, and the company did not provide a comment on the ongoing situation.

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