Tesla gets additional time to prepare a defence in Tesla Insurance case

An Oakland-based judge has granted Tesla’s legal team additional time to build its defence in its upcoming Tesla Insurance case.

Per Reuters, the judge confirmed that a hearing will now occur in October 2025 on whether he will certify the case as a class action.

The Tesla legal team noted that gathering information was taking longer than expected due to the multi-state nature of the lawsuit and the recent departure of an employee from Tesla Insurance who was the primary contact.

The suit has been ongoing for more than a year. Last year, a Tesla customer sued Tesla on behalf of drivers in 11 states, claiming their insurance premiums were raised based on false crash warnings. The suit also claimed that Tesla violated California’s unfair competition law and broke contracts with drivers.

The main issues surrounding the suit relate to Tesla Insurance‘s use of a safety score to set premiums. This safety score takes several factors into account, including hard braking, forward collision warning alerts, and aggressive turning.

The suit alleges that drivers have seen sporadic and random collision warnings when there is no danger on site. These warnings, in turn, affected the driver’s safety score and led to a rise in premiums.

Tesla, in its case, has denied any wrongdoing.

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