As promised, Tesla increases price of Full-Self Driving package

Tesla FSD
Credit: Tesla

Sometimes Tesla CEO Elon Musk can miss his deadlines, but when it came to the scheduled Full-Self Driving (FSD) price increase scheduled for July 1, it happened right on time.

Earlier in May, Musk announced on Twitter the FSD package would be increasing in price by $1,000 USD worldwide on July 1 (Happy Canada Day!).  Since then, we have only been able to speculate as to what that might mean for Canadian Tesla owners, as no details had been revealed about the equivalent price increase in Canadian dollars.

But with the update this morning, future FSD buyers in Canada will now have to fork out an extra $1,400, bringing the total cost from $9,200 to $10,600, before taxes.

As more new features get released to the FSD suite, like the recent Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control (TLSSC), the price of FSD will only increase further.

This is not the last price increase for FSD, as Musk has hinted previously the price could increase several times per year.

Musk has also stated that by the time FSD is “feature complete”, he believes the true value could be as much as $100,000.

Did you jump in and buy FSD before today’s price increase? Are you still considering buying it later, or buying a subscription? Let us know in the comments below.

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