Tesla’s 2022.20.7 software update gets into the weeds for range predictions

Thanks to the great community on Tesla Twitter, we now know that Tesla’s latest update, 2022.20.7 goes into some crazy detail regarding improving range predictions.

We all know that Tesla takes range predictions seriously, and the latest update takes it to the extreme.

Range and predicted range is such an important part of EV life, and Tesla’s attention to detail helps it excel in this space.

As per Twitter user @greentheonly, it looks like even tire pressure is taken into account with the next update.

Tire pressure is a huge difference maker in terms of gas consumption vehicles. So, it should be no surprise that it also significantly determines power consumption in electric vehicles.

For instance, as per one Twitter user, the difference between 42 and 45 PSI can result in a 20 wh/mi difference.

As per his post, it appears that Tesla will now take the following into account to help improve range predictions:

  • Tire pressure
  • Energy loss to phone charging
  • Energy loss to 12-volt accessories
  • Current air density
  • Battery heating in the colder months
  • Battery cooling in the warmer months

Although we have yet to be able to confirm it, it appears that the range predictions will be available in all regions.

We are looking forward to testing it out soon enough!

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