Porsche announces entry-level RWD Taycan for China

With Tesla quickly ramping up production of its electric vehicles (EVs) in China, and the Xpeng P7 on the horizon, the EV market in China is becoming very competitive.

To try and get a foot in the door, Porsche has announced a new lower-priced rear-wheel drive (RWD) variant of its Porsche Taycan EV in China.

The base Taycan will come with new 19-inch wheels paired with a 79kWh battery pack, the same as the one in the North American base Taycan 4S. If you want more juice, you can upgrade to the 93kWh battery pack from the Turbo variant.

Opting for the smaller, standard battery pack will give you as much as 402 horsepower and an always optimistic NEDC range rating of 257 miles (413km) on a full charge.

That compares to the 93kWh battery which pushes out 469 horsepower and an improved NEDC range of 303 miles (487km).

One surprising figure released by Porsche is that both batteries will reach 62mph in 5.4 seconds, and both will have the same top speed of 143mph (230km/h).

Thanks to the single motor at the rear of the vehicle, the front trunk (frunk) will be larger than the ones found in the existing dual motor Taycan.

The price for the RWD Taycan will begin at ¥888,000 ($170,600 CAD). That compares to the Taycan 4S which has a starting price in Canada of $119,400 CAD.

Porsche has so far not revealed any plans to bring the RWD Taycan to Canada or the US.

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