Argo is testing driverless cars in Miami and Austin

Credit: Argo

Argo AI announced it is testing driverless cars in Austin, Texas and Miami, Florida.

The company is currently testing its technology using its employees.

Argo also confirmed they have applied for commercial applications to carry paying passengers but did not provide a timeline on when that would go live.

In addition, they also confirmed their next expansion would be to Washington, DC.

Argo’s Chief Executive Bryan Salesky has this to say:

Argo is first to go driverless in two major American cities, safely operating amongst heavy traffic, pedestrians and bicyclists in the busiest of neighborhoods.

From day one, we set out to tackle the hardest miles to drive — in multiple cities — because that’s where the density of customer demand is, and where our autonomy platform is developing the intelligence required to scale it into a sustainable business

Our driverless operations are initially focused on conducting employee rides using our internally-developed ride hailing test app. We’ll integrate driverless into commercial operations at the appropriate time.

Unlike other driverless companies, Argo takes a unique approach to expand its footprint. Instead of only selling the vehicles, Argo sells its driverless technology as a service to clients. Currently, Lyft and Walmart are running pilot programs with the technology.

Lyft announced its partnership with Argo back in July. While in September, Walmart announced their partnership with Argo. Currently, Walmart is testing in Miami, Austin and Washington DC.

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