Smart Summon could be coming to Canada this weekend

Tesla Smart Summon
Credit: Tesla

As we all know by now, Canadian owners did not receive the Smart Summon feature in the V10 software update, but instead got a boost to the range of Enhanced Summon. Now it appears Smart Summon could be coming to Canada as soon as this weekend.

Earlier today, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that there were over 550,000 Smart Summon uses in the first week of it being released. Twitter user James Locke, unofficially representing all of Canada with his tweet, responded by saying that if it was available to Canadian owners, that number would be even bigger.

Much to our surprise, Musk replied stating that he hopes to have out in Canada this weekend.

Previously we thought Smart Summon was not released in Canada due to stricter regulations. Either we were misinformed, or Tesla has been able to get around those regulations in order to unleash Smart Summon on innocent Canadian parking lots from coast to coast.

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