Lyft in talks with major automakers to electrify their fleet

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, John Zimmer, the co-founder of Lyft, was on the defensive yesterday. Zimmer confirmed that Lyft is in active discussions with several major automakers to provide Lyft drivers with multiple EV products.

In addition, Zimmer reaffirmed that Lyft was the first ride-share app to commit to electrifying their fleet by 2030.

The interview comes as Lyft’s main rival, Uber, announced deals with Hertz and Tesla to provide more EVs to the Uber fleet.

The Hertz deal will see Uber rent 50,000 Tesla Model 3s to add to their fleet in the US.

In addition, Uber added Tesla as a partner in their Clean Air Program in London, UK.

Zimmer noted that Lyft has a cash pile of $2.4 billion and is looking to use its relationship with financial partners to have an all-electric fleet by 2030.

The company did not confirm which auto manufacturers they have talked to, nor did they provide a timeline of when Lyft will start adding EVs to their fleet.

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